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Style Icons - 5 men not afraid to wear jewellery

Posted on September 22 2016

Unless you have been blessed with the natural style of Steve McQueen chances are there will be few people whose style you aspire to emulate. So given that we are but mere mortals at No.47, in no particular order, here are our five style icons:


5. Paul Newman - Paul often matches a necklace with a simple silver bracelet. A perfect example of when less is more.


4. Jimi Hendrix - Jimi's style is pretty much the polar opposite of Paul Newman's but we love it just as much, pure flamboyance:


3. Keith Richards - Whilst we are on the subject of 60's rockers it would be hard to miss the immortal 'Keef' himself off this list:



2. Jordan Stevens - OK being one half of Rizzle Kicks may mean Jordan's not always featured in lists with the likes Keith Richards and Paul Newman but we love what he is doing for men's jewellery:


1. Johnny Depp - He may be getting a bit of bad press at the moment but that doesn't change the fact he's always been an great pioneer of men's jewellery. Plus Dior let him use all his own jewellery for this shoot, that says it all doesn't it?



*Honourable mention

Tom Waits - He may not wear much jewellery but how could we sleep at night leaving Tom off a style list:




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