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Our Five Favourite Exhibitions in London Right Now

Posted on August 06 2017


London is renowned for its artistic culture and is home to some of the most prestigious galleries in the world. These five exhibitions are a must see this summer and autumn:


Grayson Perry: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever  - The Serpentine Gallery 

8th of June - 10th September 2017


Grayson Perry is one of Britain’s most and active contemporary artist’s and a key commentator on current culture and society. He is known for his eccentric and outgoing ways, and his collection here certainly lives up to his reputation.


 Here Perry has created a series of new works, touching on such themes as political beliefs, celebrity popularity, masculinity and national identity in regard to the upcoming challenge of Brexit. With pieces varying from his famous ceramic vases to flamboyantly designed motorbikes along with 2d oils paintings. Perry beautifully combines the 3D and 2D form to create a visually, breath taking and eye opening show.



Source: serpintinegalleries.org


Alberto Giacometti - The Tate Modern

May 10th  – 10th September 2017


Alberto Giacometti was a Swizz sculptor, painter, and draughtsmen most famous for his elongated figurative sculptors. In the height of his career, Giacometti participated in many exhibitions around the world, including Gallery Pierre, Paris, The MOMA, New York, New Burlington Galleries, London, and others in Brussels, Zurich and Copenhagen but this exhibition certainly reasserts of as one of the great artists of the 20th century.


 The exhibition looks at his early works of his brother Diego up until his later works where his Egyptian influences start to seep through in his pieces. The exhibition is a must see this summer and for the amount of work presented at the cost of £16.80 for an adult seems very reasonable.


Source: dailyartfixx.com


Daniel Richter – Lonely Old Slogans Exhibition - Camden Arts Centre

2nd July - 12th September 2017


Daniel Richter is a German artist known for painting and sculptor that has certainly helped shape the scene of modern German art. His work has been celebrated in galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York; the Centre Pompidou in Paris but Lonely Old slogans collection is one of great taste. The exhibition shows off early works of his colour intensive abstract inventions right the way through to his figurative pieces.


Since the early 2000’s Ritcher has explored narrative scenes filled with figures, often inspired by old history books of newspaper cut outs. The displays convey the complexities of our time, they shy away from depicting historical events but rather celebrate the power of colour and form in everyday life. If you have a free afternoon and are kicking your heels about in London we highly recommend a visit.



Source: camdenartscentre.org


Basquiat: Boom for Real - The Barbican Art Gallery

21st September 2017 – 28th January 2018


Jean Michael Basquiat is no doubt among the great artists of the 2nd half of the 20th century, this Brooklyn born graffiti rebel exploded onto the art seen in the late 1970’s will never be forgotten for the impact he made. The self-taught artist combines traditional African themes to an almost naive street art style sourcing materials from anatomical drawings to bebop jazz.


The Barbican Art Gallery is displaying over 100 of these works. The exhibition will focus on his relationship with television, music, film and text whilst celebrating his tragically short life. If you’re a fan of contemporary art or Basquiat himself this collection is a must see.


Source: barnebys.com


Bob Dylan- ‘The Beaten path’ - Halcyon Gallery

5th November - 2nd January


The Beaten Path features a wide collection of Dylan’s work ranging from drawings, watercolours and acrylic works on canvas, which depict the artist’s view of American landscapes and urban scenes. Here we enter the mind of this great artist not sonically but visually if you’re a fan of Dylan which most are, this exhibition will be very interesting.


Source: aymlee.fr

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