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How to wear your jewellery

Posted on April 06 2017


It's one thing to have a great collection of jewellery to choose from but it's another thing altogether to be able to pair them well. It can be hard to know how to wear some pieces, there's a fine line between a bold original style and looking like a 1980's drug dealer. We've put together some of our favourite pairings and ideas to help you get it right.


The Statement Ring

By wearing one large ring on your middle finger you can really draw attention to just this piece. Traditionally wearing a ring on your middle finger symbolises power and masculinity, it's a great look if you want to make a point but not over do it.


Roaring Lion Ring


Roaring Lion Ring

The Roaring Lion Ring - £125


The Formal Minimalist

By wearing just one silver cuff with a formal look like a suit you can bring a subtle new edge to your evening wear. An alternative to the classic evening watch which can help you stand out from the crowd without making you like like one of the Kray Twins. Be sure to match it up with a silver cufflink for maximum effect. 


The Classic Cuff


Classic Silver Cuff

The Hector Cuff - £120


The Bold Matching Pair 

Matching up two heavy similar pieces can be very effective when done well. The combination creates an eye-catching look that shows you have the confidence wear your jewellery the right way.


The Santoso and Samson



The Samson Ring - £110       







The Santoso Bracelet - £260


The Geoffrey Ring - £75


The Double Silver Band

For those that are ready to wear a few rings but still want to keep it relatively subtle this a perfect starting point. Silver band rings are very minimalist and work brilliantly when paired next to each other. Match it up with a thin chain style bracelet and you have an ideal look.


Double silver band


The William Ring - £50

The Bartholomew Ring - £60


Multiple Statment Rings

Admittedly this isn't for everyone but if you can do and get it right then the effects are dramatic. We'd recommend not pairing this with a bracelet as it tends to be a little bit of an overkill, the rings speak loudly enough on their own. Make sure to wear the biggest ring on your middle or index finger to keep everything looking in proportion. 


Multiple Statement Rings


Indian Chief Ring 

The Ancient Indian Chief Ring - £95            

Silver Skull Ring

The Silver Skull Ring - £95

Roaring Lion Ring 

The Roaring Lion Ring - £125



The Everyday Staple

A stand out bracelet with a few rings is the perfect everyday look. If you don't know quite what to wear on a Monday morning then this is the way to go. It looks good with everything, we recommend a Khari Bracelet and Geoffrey Ring.


Everyday Staple



The Khari Bracelet - £170                        

The Geoffrey Ring - £75



If you have any tips of your own that you'd like to share, drop us an email at - info@no47london.co.uk


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