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Changing the Jewellery Culture in Hip-Hop

Posted on November 15 2016


Men's jewellery is often given a bad reputation because of the association with rap culture and the 'bling-bling' style that comes with it. This article is here to highlight the new school rappers who are thinking outside the box and creating a unique look with the way they wear their jewellery.


SkeptaThe head of the grime movement has always been understated in the way he dresses but since spending more time over the pond with ASAP Mob he's picked up more than one of their style traits...

Skepta - No.47 London

Image Credit - HighSnobiety 


ASAP Rocky - A man that needs very little introduction, ASAP has always pushed the boundaries of fashion and has never been shy when it comes to jewellery.


Joey Bada$$ - At 21 Joey has made a hugely impressive impact on both the fashion and music worlds. His strong belief in the power of chakras means you'll often find him focusing a lot of his jewellery around these highly original pieces.


Keith Ape - The Korean rapper has been impossible miss to since his song 'Keep it G Ma' forged him a cult following in the States. A true street style advocate, he keeps his jewellery subtle but striking.


Wiz Khalifa - OK so his music is now terrible but you can't deny the man still has great style.



So the fashion in hip hop has clearly come a long way and now that jewellery is finally being worn tastefully lets not go back to this...

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