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10 Classic Albums For Your Weekend

Posted on April 21 2017

Instead of the usual playlist, we're giving you ten albums to listen to this weekend. A selection of some of our favourite classic albums, these will see you through to Monday.



Rodriguez - Cold Fact

The elusive Detroit resident's first album became the soundtrack to South Africa's Apartheid years, it's not hard to see why. A poet in his on right, Sixto finally gained the deserved recognition following the 2012 film 'Searching for the Sugar Man'.


Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin'

Another great songwriter/poet (possibly the greatest), this was the album that demonstrated Dylan's skill as a songwriter and put him on the main stage of folk music in the 60's.


John Lee Hooker - House of the Blues

An incredibly raw delta blues album from a very young John Lee Hooker



Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground

By this stage, Andy Warhol had firmly gotten hold of Lou Reed and the boys and is shows in the self-titled album. Dripping with melancholy licks.


Tom Waits - Closing Time

Tom's debut studio album, the first time he made a notable switch over to jazz as prior to this he was known as being much more influenced by folk music. 


BB King - Lucille 

The master of blues woes us with the help of the famous Lucille.


Bob Marley - Soul Rebels

Produced by the legendary Lee Scratch Perry. The rawness to this album in our opinion makes it one of his most underrated but also one of his best. 


Albert King - I Wanna get Funky

The perfect mixture of funk and blues, this man can play, there's no doubt about that. 


Billie Holiday - Lady in Satin

Pure emotion laid down for us to listen to over 50 years later, a unique record by a unique lady.


Nina Simone - Baltimore

Not her most famous album but definitely one of her best. Nina herself actually wasn't a fan of the finished product saying; "The material was not my personal choice, and I had no say whatsoever in the selection of songs. It was all done before I could make any decisions". Well we like it Nina.

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